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in a perfect world...

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May. 25th, 2008 | 03:03 pm
mood: blah blah
music: perfect world soundtrack

traveled across oregon yesterday
to see death cab for cutie play in bend

i actually could have waited for them to play nearby
but then they wouldnt have been playing
with mates of state and the decemberists

well, it was a long drive through the snowy mountains
and there was lightning, thunder, and rain in bend
and it just happened to be a large outdoor venue
and i didnt even bring a coat :/

fortunately, it never rained too hard
and by the time the decemberists were done playing
the sky had cleared up real nicely
so everything worked out ok

so anyway, the mates of state were alright
but they didnt play the one song i really like
so i was pretty disappointed about that

the decemberists were freaking awesome

they were the real reason i went to this show
and they certainly did not disappoint

they played the one song i was really hoping they would
as well as a bunch of other great ones
including some new stuff i had never heard before

if its any indication, the new cd will rock

one of the great things about the show they put on
was that it was part rock show, part comedy act

i love bands that can make you laugh in between
or even in the middle of their songs

they would crack jokes about death cab for cutie
and put on impromptu plays with members of the audience
and all sorts of cool/silly stuff

im really glad i went out of my way to see them

death cab for cutie was definitely a mixed bag

i never really liked any of their older music
and they played quite a bit of that
so i had a hard time being into a lot of the performance
but they also played most every song i wanted to hear
as well as some brand new stuff that really rocked

overall, id say it was a good performance
and a nice way to finish off the evening

i picked up a copy of the new cd before heading home

i havent had a chance to listen to all of it, yet
but so far its very lovely, much like the last album

in other news, lots of drama, bullshit
and soul-crushingly stressful situations
while i escape into more anime and video games
in an attempt to ignore it all for just a little longer

speaking of anime, im currently watching infinite ryvius

its a sci-fi show where a bunch of students
accidentally end up hijacking a top secret space craft
(thats an over-simplification, but whatever)
and get labeled as terrorists for defending themselves
against the government thats trying to reclaim the ship

in reality, they hijacked the ship as a last resort
because they all would have died otherwise
and all they want is to be rescued
but the government thinks thats all just a bluff

exactly whats happening is a little bit confusing
but i think thats the gist of it

anyway, the main draw of the show is the characters
because most of them are just plain weird and interesting

every time i think i have one of them figured out
they will do or say something that makes me go "wtf?"
and its not like they are suddenly out of character

they are just really good at making you realize
that you dont understand this persons motivations
nearly as well as you thought you did

its a bit hard to express what its like
but infinite ryvius is definitely worth a watch
especially if youre into character driven shows
along the lines of evangelion or something like that

honestly, the main character does remind me of shinji
if shinji actually had balls, that is

mostly he just dresses and screams like shinji

anyway, watch it... its good

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