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good news/bad news

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Jun. 11th, 2008 | 02:58 pm
mood: anxious anxious

guess its about time i made an update...

so the good news is that the new weezer album rocks

its no pinkerton, but its miles beyond their last effort
and definitely way different from all their previous work
so good job guys, and keep bringing the rock

the bad news is that i got fired from my job

hopefully i can find another job, soon
but its probably going to be another crap job
because i still cant find any career type jobs
that i am actually qualified to do

its so fucked up, but ive got to pay off those debts
which i aquired due to my desire for a higher education
which ended up being completely fucking useless
when it came to finding a good job and making money

i sure hope theres something i can do
to dig myself out of this god damned hole
but everything just seems so hopeless now

im trying to go back to school
and take a few more classes on networking type stuff
but thats just going to cost me even more money
and theres no guarantee it will help me get a job

i just dont know what else i can do

it seems like my only hope is to bag a tech support job
and then try to move up from that position
in whatever company i end up working for
assuming that moving up is even an option

also, tech support sucks...
but its better than flipping burgers

anyway, i need a stronger foundation in networking
if i hope to get any tech support type jobs

if im lucky, i might even be able to nab a certification
but as expensive as those tests are, its not very likely

so in conclusion, go pick up the new weezer album
and while you are rocking out, be sure to think of me

just send me all of the positive energy you can spare
and maybe, just maybe things will work out for the best


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