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Apr. 24th, 2008 | 01:17 pm
mood: bitchy bitchy

4/20 was full of halo 3 goodness

i hate everyone who plays burnout paradise

that should be me!

i have found tati's doppelganger

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...and she stood to fly away

Apr. 11th, 2008 | 12:03 am
mood: sick sick

just got back from jimmy eat world
not to mention dear and the headlights and paramore

dear and the headlights were freakin awesome

i bought the cd and i am a fan
and i recommend everyone check them out

paramore was pretty good, too

not really my kinda music, especially the singing
but they put on a good show
and had some good rockin guitar riffs and stuff

of course, jimmy eat world put on an amazing show

its hard to think of songs that i would want to see live
because they have so much really good music
but it seemed like everytime i would think
"hey, i really hope they play that one song"
a couple songs later, they would play it
and that made me a very happy john

so yeah... good times

too bad i am once again sick

seems like once a week, these days


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is lj broken?

Apr. 8th, 2008 | 12:28 am
mood: tired tired

my friends page hasnt updated in like a week

either everyones dead or lj is broken

so i went to monmouth on saturday
and hung out with brandon for a while

always good to know i can still kick his butt at doa
though he put up a good fight, as usual
and won more of the matches than he normally does


after chillin with brandon, i went to chads place
and hung out with him, carol, mike
and a few other people i may or may not have met before

good smokes and drinks and all that
but the best part was chads xbox 360 and halo 3

he only recently got the 360
and he was nice enough to give me full rights to it
for pretty much the entire night

i got lost in the goodness that is halo
and before i knew it it was like 4am

so yeah... cant wait to do that again
cause it will be like 2 years
before us pc gamers get our own halo 3 :P

stupid microsoft

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nice one, ign

Apr. 2nd, 2008 | 08:40 pm
mood: blah blah


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gamer's update

Apr. 1st, 2008 | 12:33 am
mood: full full

didnt have to make a loan payment last month
due to my recent loan consolidation
so i used the money to buy an amd64 x2 6400+ processor
to replace my old single core cpu

now i can finally say my machine is complete

cpu: amd64 x2 6400+
gpu: nvidia geforce 7950gt
ram: 2gb ddr2 800
hd: 160gb 7200rpm sata x2

it is screaming fast, to say the least

every game runs silky smooth at max settings

this is the first time in my life
i can say im truely happy with my pc

i finally have a true gaming machine :)

on that note, heres what ive been playing...

still playing perfect world, of course

level 55, now, and slowly rising

i dont level nearly as fast as everyone else
but what can i say... ive got shit to do :P

still, it actually is a casual gamer friendly mmo
providing ways to level even if you cant play a lot
and i am enjoying my guild and the people in it
even though we are still at war with other guilds

it actually makes things a little more interesting
never knowing when you could be attacked
by a member of a rival guild
or spotting a member of a rival guild
and sneaking up on him or calling your guildmates
to come over and ambush the unsuspecting player

player killing can be super fun :)

i cant wait until i get to participate
in an actual large scale territorial war

sounds very exciting

recently downloaded and played through portal

very good game, mostly because of the humor
and the theme song really is awesome

i cant wait for the chance to play portal 2

hopefully it will be a longer adventure

still playing halo 2 online
and waiting impatiently for halo 3 pc

i dont care what anyone says, halo is amazing

lots of people say it doesnt hold a candle
to lots of other pc fps games out there
but i say its simply a matter of preference
and halo has everything i love in an fps

ive gotten pretty good at being a flag runner in ctf
and i can hold my own in a deathmatch
but im pretty useless in most of the other modes

i suppose all i need is practice, though

just recently started playing through bioshock

i wasnt sure if i was going to like this one
because i tend not to enjoy scary games
but so far, its actually really fun

its very interesting and intense
and the game play is pretty original and fun
and the overall atmosphere is unlike anything else

thus far it has managed to stay under my threshold for fear
due to the presence of an ally npc
even if his presence is only over a hand radio

also, i like the fact that it doesnt use startle tactics
such as enemies jumping out at you from blind spots

its nice that most of the enemies are humans, too
as monsters tend to be too scary for me :P

anyway, hopefully this trend continues
and id really like to eventually meet up
with a group of sane survivors
cause having some support is always a good thing

well, this post is long enough
and its not like anyone who isnt a nerd like me
will even bother reading past the first couple sentences

one final note, though

i am no longer a linux user :(

dont get me wrong, i still fully support linux
and recommend it to any casual pc user
who only requires the most basic functions of a pc
such as internet, word processing, listening to music
but for me, it just wasnt working out

i love it for all the things i listed above
and for many other reasons i wont go into
but as a gamer, i still rely on windows vista
for games and a few other things
that i could never get to work right in linux

it came to a point where having a dual boot system
was becoming less convenient and more annoying

i can do everything i need to do in windows
and my computer is enough of a beast to handle vista
so it simply came time to bid linux farewell

you will be missed, old friend
at least until i get my own apartment
and dig my old computer out of storage

with linux, that old thing will still run quite nicely
and im sure i could find a few uses for it

anyway......... the end.

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like sharpened knives through chicken mcnuggets

Mar. 15th, 2008 | 04:38 pm
mood: groggy groggy

last night was good times

me, cameron, mike, and a few other friends
all went down to paintball palace in eugene
to celebrate a few recent birthdays

we all got schooled real bad
by the couple of guys who work at the place
but it was fun, anyway

it had been years and years
since i last went paintballing

i had forgotten how much hard work it was

even though it doesnt seem like youre doing much
you still get winded really fast

i guess its just the pressure
of knowing youre being shot at

its crazy to think that if it were a real war
and we were shooting at each other with real guns
id have been dead and gone so fast

im not sure i even hit anyone else at all
but part of the problem was the face masks

they fog up pretty bad
but the worst part was getting paint splatter on the visor

if that happens, youre pretty much running blind

their equipment was really nice, though

much better than what i was used to back in the day

anyway, after getting all that out of our systems
some of us headed over to the horse head bar
and had a few drinks and laughed it up until last call

i dont think i made it home until somewhere around 6am
and today im totally sore and hungover
but it was worth it cause i had a lot of fun with everyone

times like these are too few and far between

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Feb. 28th, 2008 | 02:49 pm
mood: sick sick

i have some strange dreams when im sick in bed
like last night, i dreamt i was dating michael cera

i know, wtf right?

anyway, it was a happy dream
up until the point where we were about to make love
and i suddenly realized... hey, im not gay!

so then i had to break his heart
but we were still friends, cause hes cool like that

or something

at any rate, i kinda wanted to see that juno movie
but now im not so sure...

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(no subject)

Feb. 1st, 2008 | 05:21 pm

kill me.

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in a perfect world...

Jan. 28th, 2008 | 04:47 pm
mood: lethargic lethargic

this = my free time

if you care...Collapse )

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this is my life

Dec. 20th, 2007 | 06:52 pm
mood: blah blah

well, i got a job

im the tech guy for the boys and girls club

its not glamorous and it doesnt pay much
but its enough to survive on, for now

i wish i had known that a bachelors degree doesnt mean shit
at least not without a few certifications
and several years of professional experience

im not qualified for shit
so i guess ill have to continue my education, eventually

id like to go back to linn-benton community college
and work on getting a couple of certifications
and maybe even another degree

dunno when or how im gonna do that, though

recently, the video card in my computer blew up

it was a semi convenient time for it to happen
as i was planning on upgrading, anyway
so i got myself a geforce 7950gt
and dad got me a new widescreen flatpanel monitor for x-mas

bioshock flows like water on max settings, now
but some games *coughhalo2cough* just refuse to run smoothly

i dont think its a lack of computing power
but i dont know what the problem is

at any rate, the new monitor really makes all the difference

colors are so much richer and brighter, now

after getting it hooked up
i literally spent like a half hour
just sitting and staring at my desktop wallpaper

cant get linux to boot anymore, though

now that ive got a new card
it says that my x-server config is all effed up
and i really dunno what to do about that

oh well... vista = games = entertainment
at least for now

you know... i just dont know what else to say

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