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shikabane hime

Jun. 8th, 2009 | 05:12 pm
mood: anxious anxious

ive got just one more episode to go in this latest gainax masterpiece, which by the way is freely available for viewing in high definition on hulu.com. check it out, fool. its worth it.

episode 24, at about 18:10

this is mostly for your benefit, miguel.

tati, watch this

Nov. 29th, 2008 | 12:22 am
mood: lethargic lethargic
music: band of horses - the great salt lake


Nov. 10th, 2008 | 03:27 pm
location: work
mood: bored bored

i had yangs teriyaki for lunch, today

my world is full of sunshine and butterflies

street fighter 4 + sakura = $$

Oct. 8th, 2008 | 07:13 pm
mood: excited excited
music: the hold steady - constructive summer



i can now officially have hope for this game being awesome

dreaming of your mother hips

Aug. 21st, 2008 | 06:03 pm
mood: hungry hungry
music: the mother hips - colonized

So, korgan, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 17% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy yellowcard). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 16

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 32% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

for anyone who is wondering
things at work have been going well

im doing desktop support work for the city of stayton
as well as the monmouth/independence school district
and its really not bad... in fact, its quite fulfilling

im learning a lot and i feel generally useful and appreciated
and while it can be quite stressful
in general, i work with really cool people
who are always willing to help me out
whenever i am feeling confused or overwhelmed by something

yeah... i think this really is the kinda work
that i would want to make a career out of

i know its not what youd consider glamourous
at least as far as IT work goes
but i dont care... i like it

i also really dont mind living in salem

ive got my own one bedroom apartment
and most of my neighbors seem to be pretty chill

i dont have a lot of free time to do stuff
but i live near dustin, vanessa, chadwick, and carole
so whenever i start to crave human contact
i can usually go hang out with one of them

i cant really think of anything more to say
even though i know theres a lot to talk about

i do have a question for anyone who is reading this
even though i doubt i will actually receive any real input

my immediate goal, as of late
has been to save up money for a new tv

i have done a fair amount of research on the subject
but i am still not sure what sort of tv i really want

i mean, i think the best technology is probably LCD
but it is also the most expensive

my budget is around $1500
and i wont settle for anything less than a 50 inch
so that almost completely rules out LCD technology

plasma technology seems like its not that bad
but seeing as how it will be used as a second computer monitor
i am wondering if burn in is going to be an issue

anyway, any suggestions reguarding technology, brand, or model
or even just any personal insights or experiences
would be very much appreciated


Jun. 29th, 2008 | 03:46 pm
mood: hungry hungry

just beat bioshock

got the bad ending

apparently, you cant get the good ending
if you kill more than one little sister

i think thats a bit extreme... but whatever

sweet game, none the less

back to the good old life...

Jun. 29th, 2008 | 12:41 am
mood: overwhelmed

a few things...

i recently finished halo 3
and, as expected, it was the shit

cant wait until it comes out for pc
so i can play it without feeling like a retarded monkey

also recently started playing crysis
which, in comparison, is terribly mediocre
mostly because of the awful hit detection
which is at its worst at close range

obviously, that should never be the case
especially when im using a freakin shotgun
or trying to grapple and melee with an enemy

it makes for a frustrating experience
consisting of me yelling at my computer a whole lot
even though i know its not her fault

still havent finished bioshock...
but still loving the hell out of it
when i do get around to playing it

the new alkaline trio album is even more mediocre than crysis
but for totally different reasons... obviously
so yeah... avoid that stinker

as for whats really going on in my life
well, i officially have a new job
which i am scheduled to start on monday

i am going to be a desktop support technician
at the willamette education service district
so basically, i will be taking phone calls all day
from various educational facilities in salem
documenting and attempting to resolve computer issues

i sort of know what to expect... but not really
and im pretty nervous about it, as i hate phone jobs
but this is the best opportunity i am going to get
to get some real experience in the IT field
so hopefully it will turn out to be a decent job

tomorrow (or later today, i guess), i am moving to salem
even though i dont technically have an apartment, yet

im applying for a one bedroom place in southeast salem
and i think i have a pretty good chance of getting in
but until i find something for sure
i am going to be staying with dustin and vanessa

im hoping i wont have to rely on them for too long
but at least i will be making money
so i can easily help with rent, food, or whatever else

this transitional period has been very exhausting
and it feels like its far from over
but i am really looking forward to everything working out
and being able to settle into a new life

as much as id like to think that things will get easier
the fact is that stress is unavoidable
especially for someone like me
but i will be able to handle it a lot better
when i feel like i can just be myself
and spend my free time doing whatever the hell i want

its so weird... im actually gonna have spending money

its been so long, i wont know what to do with it

guess i will probably start by upgrading my pc, again

sure could use a new hard drive or two
as well as an upgrade to a 64-bit operating system
and now that i am officially an "IT professional"
its all a tax write-off!

if only i knew how to do taxes...

bling blong

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 09:54 pm
mood: hungry hungry

today was a good day

i got up at the ass crack of dawn
and drove all the way to portland for a job interview

ive always feared driving in portland
not just because its a big, busy city
but because the streets just dont make a lick of sense
and getting where you want to go is near impossible
especially if you arent really familiar with the place
but i knew i would have to do it eventually
and it really wasnt all that bad... i guess

i made it to the interview on time
and i didnt even get lost on the way
so that alone was a load of stress off my shoulders

the interview was completely different than i expected

the guy i met with was actually pretty cool

hes a gamer, so we had that in common
and he wasnt opposed to just chatting and being friendly
rather than being completely focused on business

hes also a very outspoken, no bs kinda guy
and completely unafraid of offending people with the truth

i can appreciate that

so he asked me a lot of questions
that i doubt any of you really care about
but that wasnt really the cool part, anyway

the cool part was all the great info and advice he gave me
about revising my resume, focusing my career goals
and just generally how to be successful in info tech

before the interview was over
i felt like even if i didnt get the job
i would be leaving a better person than when i arrived
or... at least a more well informed person

after the interview, he had me take a test/simulation
in which i had to answer a bunch of questions
about microsoft office and windows xp troubleshooting

i figured i did pretty well on the office part of the test
but i was sure i did poorly on the xp toubleshooting

there were some seriously obscure questions on there
and i probably only got half of them right
but it turns out its all good

apparently i scored "off the charts" on both tests
and he pretty much guaranteed me the job
so all i need to do is revise my resume
and find some good professional references
and i will be golden

of course, those two things wont be terribly easy
but i will give it my best shot
and hopefully everything works out

anyway, enough of that boring stuff

while trying to find my way out of portland
i got seriously lost and ended up on the wrong side of town

it was a frustrating experience, to say the least
but when i finally found my way back to the freeway
it was time to go visit my favorite asian, ana

been a while since i even got to really talk to her
but i talked to her plenty today, even before i saw her
because the directions she gave me to her place were crap
so once again, i was lost, confused, and alone...
except not alone, cause i got her on the phone with me
and she went and got on google maps
and after a whole lot of trial and error
i managed to make it there alive and in once piece

these days, shes busy being all pregnant and stuff
which is actually pretty funny looking, in a cute way
but other than that, shes the same old ana i know and love

i was kinda worried we wouldnt have much to do or say
but once we started talking and catching up on stuff
we just never ran out of things to say to each other

i forgot how nice it is just to be in her company
and now i miss all the good times
from back when we used to hang out all the time

anyhow, we talked about new music we've been listening to
mutual friends who we havent been able to see for a while
and all the fun we used to have with everyone else

we went to have lunch at some chinese place
and could barely stop chatting long enough
to do stuff like order food or eat it when it came

later, brad (her significant other) got home from work
and he and i started chatting it up about computers
and the jobs we were applying for, and stuff like that
and he ended up letting my try out crysis on his new pc
which is actually pretty nice, for an intel based system

well, not only did he let me try it out
but he ended up downloading a no cd crack for it
so he could just give me the game disc

he sure is a good guy

so after playing a little hacky sack
it was about time for me to head back home
and so ends this chapter in the life of john

yup... today was a good day

good news/bad news

Jun. 11th, 2008 | 02:58 pm
mood: anxious anxious

guess its about time i made an update...

so the good news is that the new weezer album rocks

its no pinkerton, but its miles beyond their last effort
and definitely way different from all their previous work
so good job guys, and keep bringing the rock

the bad news is that i got fired from my job

hopefully i can find another job, soon
but its probably going to be another crap job
because i still cant find any career type jobs
that i am actually qualified to do

its so fucked up, but ive got to pay off those debts
which i aquired due to my desire for a higher education
which ended up being completely fucking useless
when it came to finding a good job and making money

i sure hope theres something i can do
to dig myself out of this god damned hole
but everything just seems so hopeless now

im trying to go back to school
and take a few more classes on networking type stuff
but thats just going to cost me even more money
and theres no guarantee it will help me get a job

i just dont know what else i can do

it seems like my only hope is to bag a tech support job
and then try to move up from that position
in whatever company i end up working for
assuming that moving up is even an option

also, tech support sucks...
but its better than flipping burgers

anyway, i need a stronger foundation in networking
if i hope to get any tech support type jobs

if im lucky, i might even be able to nab a certification
but as expensive as those tests are, its not very likely

so in conclusion, go pick up the new weezer album
and while you are rocking out, be sure to think of me

just send me all of the positive energy you can spare
and maybe, just maybe things will work out for the best


in a perfect world...

May. 25th, 2008 | 03:03 pm
mood: blah blah
music: perfect world soundtrack

traveled across oregon yesterday
to see death cab for cutie play in bend

i actually could have waited for them to play nearby
but then they wouldnt have been playing
with mates of state and the decemberists

well, it was a long drive through the snowy mountains
and there was lightning, thunder, and rain in bend
and it just happened to be a large outdoor venue
and i didnt even bring a coat :/

fortunately, it never rained too hard
and by the time the decemberists were done playing
the sky had cleared up real nicely
so everything worked out ok

so anyway, the mates of state were alright
but they didnt play the one song i really like
so i was pretty disappointed about that

the decemberists were freaking awesome

they were the real reason i went to this show
and they certainly did not disappoint

they played the one song i was really hoping they would
as well as a bunch of other great ones
including some new stuff i had never heard before

if its any indication, the new cd will rock

one of the great things about the show they put on
was that it was part rock show, part comedy act

i love bands that can make you laugh in between
or even in the middle of their songs

they would crack jokes about death cab for cutie
and put on impromptu plays with members of the audience
and all sorts of cool/silly stuff

im really glad i went out of my way to see them

death cab for cutie was definitely a mixed bag

i never really liked any of their older music
and they played quite a bit of that
so i had a hard time being into a lot of the performance
but they also played most every song i wanted to hear
as well as some brand new stuff that really rocked

overall, id say it was a good performance
and a nice way to finish off the evening

i picked up a copy of the new cd before heading home

i havent had a chance to listen to all of it, yet
but so far its very lovely, much like the last album

in other news, lots of drama, bullshit
and soul-crushingly stressful situations
while i escape into more anime and video games
in an attempt to ignore it all for just a little longer

speaking of anime, im currently watching infinite ryvius

its a sci-fi show where a bunch of students
accidentally end up hijacking a top secret space craft
(thats an over-simplification, but whatever)
and get labeled as terrorists for defending themselves
against the government thats trying to reclaim the ship

in reality, they hijacked the ship as a last resort
because they all would have died otherwise
and all they want is to be rescued
but the government thinks thats all just a bluff

exactly whats happening is a little bit confusing
but i think thats the gist of it

anyway, the main draw of the show is the characters
because most of them are just plain weird and interesting

every time i think i have one of them figured out
they will do or say something that makes me go "wtf?"
and its not like they are suddenly out of character

they are just really good at making you realize
that you dont understand this persons motivations
nearly as well as you thought you did

its a bit hard to express what its like
but infinite ryvius is definitely worth a watch
especially if youre into character driven shows
along the lines of evangelion or something like that

honestly, the main character does remind me of shinji
if shinji actually had balls, that is

mostly he just dresses and screams like shinji

anyway, watch it... its good