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back to the good old life...

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Jun. 29th, 2008 | 12:41 am
mood: overwhelmed

a few things...

i recently finished halo 3
and, as expected, it was the shit

cant wait until it comes out for pc
so i can play it without feeling like a retarded monkey

also recently started playing crysis
which, in comparison, is terribly mediocre
mostly because of the awful hit detection
which is at its worst at close range

obviously, that should never be the case
especially when im using a freakin shotgun
or trying to grapple and melee with an enemy

it makes for a frustrating experience
consisting of me yelling at my computer a whole lot
even though i know its not her fault

still havent finished bioshock...
but still loving the hell out of it
when i do get around to playing it

the new alkaline trio album is even more mediocre than crysis
but for totally different reasons... obviously
so yeah... avoid that stinker

as for whats really going on in my life
well, i officially have a new job
which i am scheduled to start on monday

i am going to be a desktop support technician
at the willamette education service district
so basically, i will be taking phone calls all day
from various educational facilities in salem
documenting and attempting to resolve computer issues

i sort of know what to expect... but not really
and im pretty nervous about it, as i hate phone jobs
but this is the best opportunity i am going to get
to get some real experience in the IT field
so hopefully it will turn out to be a decent job

tomorrow (or later today, i guess), i am moving to salem
even though i dont technically have an apartment, yet

im applying for a one bedroom place in southeast salem
and i think i have a pretty good chance of getting in
but until i find something for sure
i am going to be staying with dustin and vanessa

im hoping i wont have to rely on them for too long
but at least i will be making money
so i can easily help with rent, food, or whatever else

this transitional period has been very exhausting
and it feels like its far from over
but i am really looking forward to everything working out
and being able to settle into a new life

as much as id like to think that things will get easier
the fact is that stress is unavoidable
especially for someone like me
but i will be able to handle it a lot better
when i feel like i can just be myself
and spend my free time doing whatever the hell i want

its so weird... im actually gonna have spending money

its been so long, i wont know what to do with it

guess i will probably start by upgrading my pc, again

sure could use a new hard drive or two
as well as an upgrade to a 64-bit operating system
and now that i am officially an "IT professional"
its all a tax write-off!

if only i knew how to do taxes...

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